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The Afternoon Tea Collection

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A joyous tea party of four loose leaf tea mini caddies housing some of our best-loved black and green blends, paired with a silver-plated infuser.

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The story goes that the tradition of afternoon tea started with Anna, Duchess of Bedford in the early 19th century. The Duchess knew a thing or two about which teas to choose, and we think she would have approved of our mini caddies of elegant English Breakfast and Earl Grey, finished with a floral fancy of English Rose and Mango & Bergamot. Oh, and not forgetting the all-important silver-plated infuser. Start slicing those cucumber sandwiches and make sure the kettle's sparkling.

• Teas featured: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, English Rose and Mango & Bergamot
• Tea types included: 3x black tea and 1x green tea
• Number of servings (using 2g per cup): 50g English Breakfast = 25 cups; 40g Earl Grey = 20 cups; 40g English Rose = 20 cups; 40g Mango & Bergamot = 20 cups – that's a grand total of 85 cuppas!
• Serving suggestion: Enjoy hot


English Breakfast: Black Tea
Earl Grey: Black Tea with Flavouring
English Rose: Black Tea, 6% Rose Buds and Petals, Flavouring
Mango and Bergamot: Green Tea with Flavouring

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


Weight: 170g e 6.3oz

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from strong light and odours.