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Tea Discoveries A Taste of Tea

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Got a taste for tea? Satisfy it with eight of our most magnificent teas and infusions, from Mango & Bergamot to good old English Breakfast. Afternoons have never been so elegant...


English Breakfast and Darjeeling are two classic black teas, while Piccadilly Blend, Mango & Bergamot and Earl Grey are twists on a very British blend. Then there's English Rose, infused with gentle floral notes, and Afternoon Tea, our signature blend for elegant tea parties. Finally we've added our delicate Chelsea Garden white tea. With five individually wrapped teabags of each tea, it's a glorious treat for your taste buds.

• Teas featured: English Breakfast, English Rose, Afternoon Tea, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Piccadilly Blend, Mango & Bergamot and Chelsea Garden

• Tea types included: 5x black, 1x green, 1 x white and 1x black, oolong and green blend

• Number of servings (using 2g per cup): 8 x 5 individually wrapped teabags = 5 cups of each tea – that's a grand total of 40 cuppas!

• Serving suggestion: Enjoy hot


Afternoon: 70% Black Tea, 29% Green Tea , Bergamot flavouring

Chelsea Garden: White Tea, Rose Petals (6%), Flavouring

English Rose: 95% Black Tea, Flavouring

Mango and Bergamot: Green Tea, Flavouring

Piccadilly Blend: Black Tea, Flavouring, Hibiscus (3%)

Darjeeling: Black Tea

English Breakfast: Black Tea

Earl Grey: Black Tea, Flavouring

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


Contains: 40 individually wrapped teabags

Height: 30cm
Width: 8.9cm
Depth: 8.9cm

Weight: 80g e 2.8oz

Storage: Store in a cool dry place