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Coconut Truffle Loose Tea

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An exclusive Whittard blend of flavoured white tea with added blackberry leaves for sweetness, plus carob, cocoa and coconut for a rich white chocolate truffle taste.

Reputedly no calories in a cup despite the truffle flavour, so can be enjoyed as a guilt free sweet treat. Perfect gift for chocolate and tea lovers. White tea is high in the antioxidant EGCG which is reputed to be anti ageing.

Any customers who like the White Chocolate tea should be given this to try as an easy cross sell, and drunk without milk


White tea owes its taste to the careful handling of the young leaves, delicately dried for a light, sweet brew. We've added blackberry leaves to complement the loose leaf tea’s sweetness, while carob, cocoa and coconut create that white chocolate creaminess.

• Origin:  China
• Tea type:  White
• Number of servings (using 2tsp/ 2g per cup):  100g = 50 cups


30% White Tea, 27% Coconut, 14% Apple Pieces, 13% Cocoa Kernels, 7% Sweet Blackberry Leaves, 5% Carob Pieces, Flavouring

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Weight: 100g

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from strong light and odours. Once opened, store in an airtight container.