Smooth and indulgent with tones of rich, roasted hazelnut dancing alongside delicate chocolatey sweetness. This hot chocolate is a perfect counter to the seasonal shift in weather, offering a mugful of warm cosiness at home or outdoors.

• Hot chocolate base: Milk chocolate

• Hot chocolate format: Powder form, we recommend making it with hot milk (or your preferred milk alternative) rather than water for the ultimate smooth, creamy cup.

• Number of servings (using 3 heaped tsp/20g per mug for hot chocolate or 2 tbsp or 28g per mug for milkshake): 350g = 17 mugs of hot chocolate/12 mugs of milkshake

• Ideal for using with: Mini Marshmallows

• Serving suggestion: Enjoy hot, as an ice-cold milkshake or use in baking