Make Mum’s Day: Memorable Ideas To Mark Mother’s Day

Mums make the world go round, so this year, make sure to recognise and treat yours to an extra special celebration filled with her favourite things! To help you go beyond a simple gift and card, we’ve put together a list of ideas to help you mark the occasion and to get Mum smiling.

Let's get started!

1. A Hamper Of Her Favourites

Hampers are perfect for packing with all her favourite treats, such as chocolates, snacks, cakes, drinks, biscuits, and a selection of delicious teas and coffees. Include a cosy blanket, a good book, or a personalised mug too!

Pick up a wicker basket or gift box, add soft packing to keep things safe, then stuff it full of her favourites.

Need a simpler option? Take a look at some popular gift sets instead.

2. Outdoor Picnic Or Afternoon Teas

If the weather is nice, plan a picnic in a local park or your garden. Pack a basket with her favourite snacks, sandwiches, biscuits, bakes, and treats, and bring along a thermos of hot coffee or luxury tea to enjoy together. It’s a perfect way to get outdoors and enjoy the spring weather.

If the weather is a little too gloomy for the picnic idea, or if you’d prefer to stay indoors to celebrate, there’s nothing more sophisticated than gathering round a table and enjoying a heavenly arrangement of delicious cakes, bakes, biscuits, and irresistible teas with an afternoon tea spread.

3. Get Into The Garden

Early March is a perfect time to start gearing up the garden for the year. If Mum’s a gardener, get together and help her plan, plot, and pot up some plants! Make sure to take occasional breaks for a snack and cup of tea as you go!

The true reward will come as the year progresses. The garden will grow in, showing off all the work you put in on the day acting as a memento of the occasion.

4. Movie Night

Pick her favourite films, pick up snacks and treats, and enjoy watching a movie together. Perfect if the afternoon spring weather still has a chill, or you just fancy catching up over a film as the day winds down.

Some classic snack choices include popcorn, crisps, some tasty chocolate treats, your favourite hot chocolates (don’t forget the toppings!) and of course, make sure to have plenty of cosy blankets for the ultimate film-focused indulgence. 

5. Mother-Daughter/Son Outing

Plan a special day out to explore Mum's interests. Look for those unique and off-the-beaten-path destinations or activities, for example, if she enjoys gardening, visit a botanical garden, garden centre, or attend a flower arranging workshop together. Alternatively, surprise her with a spontaneous adventure, such as a scenic drive to a picturesque village or a day trip to somewhere she's always wanted to visit. 

If you’re still unsure, heading to the shops for some retail therapy and a bite to eat at a good restaurant is a never-fail option too!

We hope you’re inspired!

Mother’s day is a great excuse to treat Mum, and to recognise all the effort she goes to. Whatever you decide to do, we hope you have a great day together.

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