How to Cold Brew Tea

Looking to switch up your traditional brew for something new? Or quench your thirst when the hot weather hits? There’s nothing more refreshing than a delicious cold brew tea – and it couldn’t be easier to make...

What’s Cold Brew Tea and How Does It Differ to Iced Tea?

Cold brew tea is brewed so there’s minimal exposure to heat; using the time time to extract the tea’s flavours. Iced tea differs in that it is brewed in the same way as traditional tea, then cooled over ice. Fancy experimenting with iced tea too? Check out our How to Brew Iced Tea page.

  • Add your favourite loose tea/infusion to a cold brew bottle.
  • Cover the leaves with (approx.) 2 inches of freshly boiled water.*
  • Top up with cold water.
  • Store in the fridge for 4–6 hours (maximum of 24 hours).

* Always submerge tea/infusion leaves in boiling water for 10 seconds before adding cold water. Fresh, unprocessed tea contains natural bacteria, which are killed during the traditional method of hot brewing.

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