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World Of Tea Awaits!

Tea is the world's most popular drink, second only to water. To many people, tea is a simple, basic English Breakfast tea, but to those in the know, there is a world waiting to be discovered. A world full of unique tea blends, be they black teas, green teas or the exotic realms of oolongs or infusions. Whittard of Chelsea has been sourcing the finest, most luxurious tea blends from around the world since 1886, and from doing so, today offers over 75 totally unique tea blends available nowhere else. Even the most iconic teas - like the world-famous English Breakfast - are not created equal, and the more refined blends have found their home with Whittard.

So join us and step outside the usual, everyday classic black tea and learn about the intriguing heritage and history of how our most unique brews came to be.

Covent Garden Black Tea Blend

The roots of Whittard are in London, and Covent Garden remains one of our most popular stores. Covent Garden became a tourist hotspot in the 1980s, but before that, it was a bustling market full of flowers and fruit, with floral and fruity aromas fragrant in the air. It's this delightful memory that the Whittard of Chelsea Covent Garden blend was inspired by, and sipping on this delicate black tea blend transports you back there even now. This unique Whittard tea blend marries the finest Ceylon black tea with flavours of peach and apricot, creating an explosion of taste and colour with bright safflower, cornflower and marigold petals. The Covent Garden black tea blend is fresh and fruity, and the petals make it visually stunning, which is why it's only available as a loose-leaf blend and not in teabags where the beauty of this fine, luxurious tea would be lost. Try it today for an amazingly colourful and delicious tea that's impossible to resist.

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Milk Oolong Tea

Milk Oolong is no ordinary Oolong. Whittard Milk Oolong is grown in the highlands of Taiwan and is the jewel of the Oolong gardens. The tea is picked and goes through an age-old process, where it is lightly oxidised to coax out its smooth, sweet buttery notes. The tea is then hand-rolled into small ball shapes that, when mixed with water, unfurl completely. Only the finest oolong teas will totally unfurl and, in doing so, demonstrate the high quality of the tea. We recommend brewing our Milk Oolong tea in a transparent teapot to watch the action as the leaves unfurl. Again, this tea isn't available in teabag form as it should be enjoyed in loose-leaf format to truly appreciate its uniqueness. Enjoy this luxury oolong tea and watch the leaves unfurl for yourself.

Warming infusions

Mango and Passionfruit Tea

Whittard Mango and Passionfruit tea is a blend that uses unmistakable Gunpowder green tea—aptly named for both its appearance, which is remarkably similar to old forms of gunpowder, as well as the tea's smoky flavour. The smoky flavour of Gunpowder green tea combines with the tropical taste of juicy mango and passionfruit to create a truly unique tea. Watch the gently rolled tea leaves dance alongside an exotic confetti of orange petals as it brews and sip on this irresistibly exotic green tea to transport your tastebuds to a tropical beach barbecue.

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English Breakfast Tea

We know what you're thinking - three unusual, unique and exotic black, green and oolong teas and now... English Breakfast? Well, yes English Breakfast is one of the most commonly recognised teas in the world, but not all English Breakfasts are the same. In fact, Whittard has its own take on English Breakfast tea - one that is entirely unique and stands out from the crowd.
There are a lot of similarities – the Whittard English Breakfast blend is a black tea, and has the traditional malty notes associated with the tea blend. But what makes our English Breakfast different are the more delicate tea leaves chosen for the blend, which gives the tea a more honied, and very slight floral flavour. These high-quality tea leaves create a more refined and lighter taste, yet provide that classic sense of depth associated with this tea. Discover this luxurious English Breakfast tea blend and never look back...

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