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Tea Discoveries Treasured Blends

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We’ve popped six of our best-loved loose leaf black and green teas together in a beautifully presented box – perfect for a self-treat or a gift.

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Take teatime to elegant new heights with our Treasured Blends selection. We’ve popped six of our best-loved fine loose teas together in a beautifully presented box – perfect for a self-treat or a gift. From malty black English Breakfast to lusciously sweet green Mango & Bergamot, there’s a tea to suit every taste.

• Teas featured: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, English Rose, Mango & Bergamot, Piccadilly Blend and Jasmine
• Tea types included: 4x black tea and 2x green tea
• Number of servings (using 2g per cup): 180g = 15 cups of each tea – that’s a grand total of 90 cuppas!
• Serving suggestion: Enjoy hot, iced or cold brewed*

*Always submerge tea/infusion leaves in boiling water for a few seconds before adding cold water. Fresh, unprocessed tea contains natural bacteria, which are killed during the traditional method of hot brewing.


EARL GREY NO. 33 - 87% Black tea, Orange Peel, Flavouring, Cornflower Petals
ENGLISH ROSE No. 12 - 93% Black Tea, Rose Petals and Buds, Flavouring
MANGO & BERGAMOT NO. 07 - 96% Green Tea, Flavouring, Petals (Cornflower, Sunflower and Rose)
PICCADILLY BLEND NO. 93 - 92% Black Tea, Hibiscus, Flavouring, Cornflower Petals
JASMINE NO. 09 - Green Tea

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


Height: 29cm
Width: 26cm
Depth: 3.5cm (the compact design ensures it’s easy to transport)

Weight: 180g e 6.3oz, 30g of each tea

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from strong light and odours. Once opened, store in an airtight container.